Welcome to the world of plush toys. We, SNOWOLF, are a manufacturer of plush toys since 2020. Our goal is that, we creat not only plush toys, also a kind of companionship, a kind of fun, a world full of nature lives. The various bears as a classic among stuffed animals, a farm with native animals, the colorful world of birds, the Serengeti safari with wild animals,  the ocean dwellers or even Dinosaurs in ancient times or unicorns in fairy tales. There are no limits to the imagination here at snowolf.


Snowolf provide you high quality high-quality stuffed animals, which canas a pretty decoration in the room. They help you to fall asleep, to provide comfort in times of sorrow and illness. Our cuddleable, lovly plush toys are always by your side as loyal companions. They don't need food and always behave quietly. They're just there to provide loyal and loving company.

We remember our favorite stuffed animal even from our childhood for a lifetime. They are always as gift to given on plenty of occasions. Giving a cuddly toy as a gift means sharing love. The soft bunny for Easter, the fluffy teddy for gradution from school, the cuddlable stuffed cat as a Christmas present. We even buy stuffed animals to our pets. At snowolf you can also custimize your own exclusive plush products.

The goal of snowolf is to make best plush toys and make it be your friends.

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